August 29, 2018

  • 7:30pm Mississippi Folks - 2015 by O.B. Buchana on Mississippi Folks (Ecko Records)
  • 7:34pm Annie Mae's Cafe by Little Milton
  • 7:39pm Sticking By My Man by Shirley Brown
  • 7:44pm Bringing It Home To Me by Sam Cooke
  • 7:49pm Trapped by a Thing Called Love 1971 by Denise LaSalle on Trapped by a Thing Called Love
  • 7:52pm If You Love Me Like You Say @PetersonBros by The Peterson Brothers (Blue Point Records)
  • 7:54pm Bumping The Blues by Sam One
  • 7:58pm If you're lookin' for a fool by Johnnie Taylor on There's no good in goodbye
  • 8:03pm Sharnett Hyter 1 1 by Sharnette Hyter
  • 8:04pm Ms Thick-A-Licious by Sharnette Hyter
  • 8:08pm Sharnette2 by Sharnette Hyter
  • 8:12pm Real Thing - 2011 (Patrick Green) by Sharnette Hyter
  • 8:16pm The Thrill Is Gone BB King by BB King
  • 8:23pm You Send Me by Aretha Franklin on Aretha Now (Atlantic)
  • 8:25pm I Wish He Didn't Trust Me So Much - 2007 by Sir Charles Jones
  • 8:30pm Take My Wife Back - 2014 by O.B. Buchana (Orchard)
  • 8:35pm I'll take your word for it. 2017******* by Vick Allen
  • 8:39pm My Sidepiece (Feat. Major Clark Jr.) -2014 by The Louisiana Blues Brothas
  • 8:44pm When It's Just The Two Of US - 2010 by Gregg A. Smith
  • 8:49pm Down On Filmore Silver Fox by Jeff Fiero
  • 8:54pm Ain't No Way - 2018 by Willie Clayton
  • 8:58pm I'm Blessed with T.I. (Remix) - 2017 by Charlie Wilson on In It To Win It
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