September 3, 2018

  • 6:07pm Country Boy by Curley Taylor
  • 6:12pm Shake It - 2017 by Yung Breeze
  • 6:18pm I Gotcha Number #cocowade - 2018 by CoCo Wade (CoCo Wade)
  • 6:23pm I'm Digging On You @JossStone by Joss Stone
  • 6:27pm She Da Bomb by J J Callier feat Tucka
  • 6:34pm Black Horse - 2018 by Jeter Jones
  • 6:38pm Something To Talk About - 2017 by Simone De
  • 6:42pm Sho Wasn't Me (Featuring Fred Bolton) 2011 by Black Zack
  • 6:51pm Sleeping With The Enemy - 2018 by Toia Jones
  • 6:54pm Doing The Watusi - 2014 by Mr. X
  • 6:59pm I Done Lost My Good Thang by Terry Wright
  • 7:04pm She's Gifted @ZydecoBoss by Keith Frank on Return Of The King (Keith Frank)
  • 7:07pm Roll It" 2014 by Cool Ricky Blues
  • 7:12pm Talk 2 Me Gud Whiskey-2012 by Chris Ardoin
  • 7:19pm Good To You 2017 by B-ROB (HardHat ENT.)
  • 7:23pm The Blame - 2018 by FatDaddy
  • 7:27pm Lying On Me 2018 by David G.
  • 7:32pm Siidepiece Motel by David Brinston on Sidepiece Motel
  • 7:37pm I Believe N You - 2018 by Soul
  • 7:41pm Curiosity Aint Gonna Kill This Cat 2018 by Ms. Jody on Im Doin My Thang (ECKO RECORDS)
  • 7:48pm Crazy over You - 2018 by Charlie Jones
  • 7:53pm Can I Change My Mind - 2018 by Andrew Edwards
  • 7:57pm Lying On Me 2018 by David G.
  • 8:02pm Bad As I Wanna Be (Intro) - 2017 by J.J. Caillier on Bad As I Wanna Be (Caillier Records)
  • 8:04pm Let's Straighten It Out - 2017 by J.J. Caillier on Bad As I Wanna Be (Caillier Records)
  • 8:08pm You're Just Playinin' With it 2013 by O.B.Buchana and Qeen Ann Hines (ECKO RECORDS)
  • 8:17pm Make Yo toes - 2018 by Landr
  • 8:21pm Scoot Scoot - 2018 by Delisa Butlter
  • 8:25pm Sharing Ain't Easy @MissLadyBlues by Miss Lady Blues on Pieces Of My Soul (Miss Lady Blues)
  • 8:29pm Be My Shawty On The Side - 2015 by Vick Allen
  • 8:33pm 138 (That's My Song) - 2017 by Shonta Greer
  • 8:37pm Bring it home 2015***** by Tyree Neal
  • 8:44pm Put It On Ya - 2015 by Mr David
  • 8:49pm Beat Beat @MissLadyBlues by Miss Lady Blues
  • 8:52pm Where You Get That Body - 2018 by Willie Clayton
  • 8:57pm She Make It Sexy feat Chris Ardoin - 2013 by Patrick Henry
This audio is no longer available.
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