September 5, 2018

  • 6:04pm Ain't No Way - 2018 by Willie Clayton
  • 6:08pm Blues Buffet - 2013 by Jaye Hammer on I Can Lay The Hammer Down (Ecko Records)
  • 6:12pm Ball And Chain by Big Mama Thornton
  • 6:20pm Hard Times - M1 by Oscar O
  • 6:23pm Take My Wife Back - 2014 by O.B. Buchana (Orchard)
  • 6:28pm Backdoor Lover- 2014 by The Louisiana Blues Brothas
  • 6:32pm Sticking By My Man by Shirley Brown
  • 6:37pm When Your give a Damn Just Don't give a D by Ms Jody (ECKO SOUND STUDIOS)
  • 6:43pm Hoochie Man by Bobby Rush
  • 6:51pm HATERS - 2017 by Bigg Robb
  • 6:56pm Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin
  • 6:58pm Until You Come Back To Me by Aretha Franklin
  • 7:05pm Let The Good Times Roll by B.B. Queen
  • 7:10pm Sweet Sixteen by BB King
  • 7:14pm Let's Do Something by Zakiya Hooker
  • 7:18pm 03_I Know The Answers by Geno Gottschall
  • 7:21pm Someone Else Is Stepin' In by Z Z Hill
  • 7:25pm Mississippi Woman - 2007 by Denise LaSalle
  • 7:28pm I'm Going Down Slow (feat Wendell B) by Sir Charles Jones
This audio is no longer available.
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