September 26, 2018

  • 7:34pm Sweet Sixteen by BB King
  • 7:39pm Down On Filmore Silver Fox by Jeff Fiero
  • 7:46pm Eyesight to the Blind - 2017 by Birdlegg on Extra Mayo
  • 7:51pm 06 Been Lonely by LZ Love
  • 7:55pm The Blues Is Here To Stay - 2012 by Bobby Warren {feat.} Willie Clayton (Hearon Records)
  • 8:01pm Don't Say No Tonight - 2007 by Sir Charles Jones
  • 8:05pm Freeway of Love by Aretha Franklin
  • 8:11pm Hell Sent Me You /2008 by Denise LaSalle
  • 8:15pm Hoochie Coochie Man Muddy Waters by Muddy Waters
  • 8:22pm Bumping The Blues by Sam One
  • 8:25pm Let The Good Times Roll by B.B. Queen
  • 8:29pm Sticking By My Man by Shirley Brown
  • 8:34pm Big Booty Woman - 2017 by Jaye Hammer
  • 8:42pm Got My Whiskey/1997 by Mel Waiters (Waldoxy)
  • 8:46pm Fine - 2018 by Lenny Williams
  • 8:50pm I've Got The Blues by Bobby Warren
  • 8:55pm I'm Blessed with T.I. (Remix) - 2017 by Charlie Wilson on In It To Win It
  • 8:59pm Still New York ft Joey Bad A - 2018 by Max
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